Corporate Financial Outcome Assessment™

The Corporate Financial Outcome Assessment™ (CFOA) is the corporate version of the Financial Outcome Assessment™. A CFOA identifies the Financial Signature® of an organization. It is thus used to show the financial culture of an enterprise. With this information, we can identify several important issues for a CEO, divisional managers and for executives and executive teams. These include:

  • The actual financial culture of an organization and the consequent valuation outcome
  • The extent of alignment between the Financial Signature® of an executive or a team and the financial culture of an organization.

  • Why there is misalignment between the financial culture of an organization and the Financial Signatures® of its members
  • The valuation expectations of an organization's staff

  • Whether the valuation expectations of an enterprise match those of its top executives and the various leadership teams in the organization

The CFOA is a powerful instrument. It is typically completed by members of management and staff as part of a Valuation Alignment Program™. It provides powerful and unique perspectives on where the organization believes it is headed in terms of financial performance and valuation. It provides a perspective that is available nowhere else.


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