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Are our brains wormholes?


Did you see the research that shows that the descendants of Holocaust survivors have elevated stress levels compared with others? It seems that trauma can be inherited.

It's starting to look like that goes for a lot of other things. For example recent research shows that breast cancer risks acquired in pregnancy may pass to the next 3 generations. Another way of seeing this is that what happens to you in your life isn’t just a function of your own genes and those of your parents; it is a result of the combined experience of your forbears and even bloodline.

We’ve known for some time that most of our DNA doesn’t seem to do anything, the so-called junk DNA. That’s mystery number 1. But now it’s clear that the unimaginably complex interplay between gene expression and environmental influences results in biological outcomes that were formerly thought to be impossible, such as evolution occurring within one generation, a theory put forward by Lamarck, formerly ridiculed for centuries.

So it’s starting to look like our DNA does vastly more than we understand. In fact it has uncanny similarities to dark matter. You know, the type of matter (and dark energy) that scientists now believe makes up the vast majority of all matter. They can’t see it directly and they don’t know what it does (except hold the universe together). But they do know that the matter we see is relatively inconsequential in the overall scheme of things. Just like only a tiny fraction of our DNA does anything useful. So what does the dark DNA do?

The research I quoted above shows one perspective on the role of DNA namely the collective biological experience of our forebears. The history of science does give us another. Jung and others proposed the idea of a collective unconscious. Dreams allowed us to see into this. We could be encoding this into memories stored in our DNA.

So it could be our DNA is a distributed mechanism for storing the collective memories of all humans, kind of cloud-sharing for the human family history. Another possibility is that the DNA controls quantum communication processes between brains everywhere, as I have proposed previously.

You would think that would use up at least some of the dark DNA, right?

In this perspective the brain itself is a universe. Peer inside and you can see your own biological destiny, albeit this is only an infinitesimal sliver of the total DNA. You can see the genetic history of your own bloodline right back to the beginning. And you can see the collective history of the human experience. Now that’s really a decent-sized universe. That’s worthy of more consideration.

Can we take this analogy further? You have probably heard about the theory of multiple or parallel universes, courtesy of author Brian Greene. If the theory about the collective team of our brain and our dark DNA holds any water, our brain is actually a collection of universes. Go into any one and you get a totally different view: of yourself as an individual: your relationship to the human race: an insight into human collective experience: maybe communication with brains everywhere. That’s a lot of work for a piece of jelly weighing around 4 pounds.

Could it be that our brain is actually a wormhole to those multiple, parallel universes? Could it be, taking the analogy even further, that we don’t need a warp drive to get to Alpha Centauri? That the ticket to ride has actually been within us all along? That our brain is a wormhole cunningly camouflaged as a control module for a single body so we can’t see its true purpose? That we can actually use this wormhole to penetrate the mysteries of existence, not just here on Earth but elsewhere? That getting to the stars might actually be easier than getting to Mars?





















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Friday, 28 February 2020

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