“We get to 86 and realize, ‘I’ve always favored companies with low-growth margins,’” Prince says. “We are only discovering these biases about ourselves just before we die."

Developers are realizing, that no framework exists to manage all of the cognitive information about clients, he adds. So to tackle the bias issue, fintechs have taken an array of approaches.

-By Sean Allocca


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Behavioral risk is not just an academic pursuit for Perth Leadership Institute. The Gainesville, Florida performance-improvement firm has developed behavioral, leadership and financial assessment programs, along with a related framework and training that can help put individuals as well as teams and companies on the path to profitability, says chief executive officer E. Ted Prince. To read more..

The magazine is "Top Capital" published in Beijing, which focuses on young companies, technology, venture capital and early stage investment. See the back of the article for the English translation. See article here.

“Behavioral finance focuses on both consumers and investors and shows that they often act irrationally. “Irrational Investors” Includes CEOs and the Brass Too according to Lou Carlozo in US News and World Report. Behavioral finance shows how consumers often invest irrationally. But those consumers also include CEOs, professional managers and even sophisticated investors. Lou Carlozo shows how E. Ted Prince of Perth Leadership Institute is leading the charge with his Cognitive Alpha™ approach to investment which also shows how to apply behavioral finance to leadership and improve things a little, or maybe even a lot.”

The Leadership 500 awards are given each year by HR.com. It is awarded in several categories including large companies, international companies, midsiized companies, small companies, international leadership partners and providers, large leadership partners and providers, midsize leadership partners and providers, small leadership partners and providers and educational, nonprofit and government/military institutions. Perth won its award in the small leadership partners and providers category which had 15 companies in total.

Perth is proud to have its work recognized and to be chosen to join such an elite group of providers and companies. This is the fifth year in a row that Perth has been chosen in the Leadership 500.

International Leadership Partner & Provider
International Leadership Partner & Provider
International Leadership Partner & Provider

To see the full list in each category, see here.

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