Podcast “Why Your MBA May Be Useless in Today’s World”

I was recently a guest on The Ed Eppley Experience Podcast, sharing how behavioral finance may be your best weapon during the COVID-19 crisis. Check out my episode, “Why Your MBA May Be Useless in Today’s World” to listen to the whole story. (link: http://www.theeppleygroup.com/the-ed-eppley-experience-podcast/)  #EdEppleyExperience #professionalmanagement #smart #healthy #focusedmanagementpro #sustainability

 I talked with Ed Eppley about how now, more than ever, your behaviors will determine how well your company emerges from the COVID-19 crisis. Listen to my interview on the Ed Eppley Experience Podcast here: (link: http://www.theeppleygroup.com/the-ed-eppley-experience-podcast/)  #EdEppleyExperience #professionalmanagement #smart #healthy #focusedmanagementpro #sustainability 








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